TechSee recently announced the launch of EVE Cortex, its next-generation AI that teaches itself to recognize thousands of products, models, parts, and components by ingesting only a handful of data points. It’s one of the most advanced self-service tools to help customers repair an appliance without the need to have a service technician present.

So how does this work in each field?
  • For telecom – Customers can point their smartphones at an Internet router to show them how to repair it or set it up.
  • For utilities – Technicians can point their device at a substation or mainframe and the AI will automatically show how to fix it.
  • For insurance – EVE creates instant underwriting when someone wants to insure property like a ring. It’ll detect the model, size, color, clarity, etc, and give a quote.
  • For field services – EVE can provide automated feedback on HVAC units, plumbing, wiring, and more to fix issues.
  • For manufacturing – technicians can point their devices at industrial machines to solve any issues.

The PR plan was a riveting success and caught the eyes of readers at the top tech, business, and XR-related sites across the globe. We planned a strategic push to target VentureBeat with an exclusive opportunity to cover and would then share the news with other press. The results saw great coverage.