The realm of tech partnerships is always a dicey area to tackle, especially when it involves partnering with international companies. Cutting through the noise can be tough and you need connections to get noticed. That’s why when ultrasonic payment solution LISNR asked for help to promote their partnership with India’s largest corporate commuter service Shuttl, it was time to introduce them to the right journalists that would cover the news.

The partnership would provide contactless ticketing for Shuttl customers. Shuttl, which provides hundreds of thousands of rides per day, would use LISNR’s contactless ticketing services for its passengers across three countries.

We wasted no time and got them in touch with tech journalists, trade publications that covered NFC, regional business journals, and various fintech sites. We saw coverage from:

For an international partnership, the PR campaign was targeted to the right audiences, tailored pitches to the journalists that made the most sense, and delivered results LISNR was happy with.